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Halloween Decoration Ideas for the Yard

Most of the people involved in making Halloween decoration plans, whether it is hired professionals or not, insist on including a graveyard on the yard. This is however not a must to achieve the goals of decorating the yard for the occasion. It is sometimes good to deviate from the norm in coming up with the Halloween decoration ideas for the yard because it will most likely make your yard stand out and thus draw attention.

It is understandable why people would choose to include the graveyard in the yard given that it is in the nature of human beings to fear things connected to or that involve death; but too much of the same thing is sometimes not exciting. This obsessive fear that we have for graves is usually reinforced by the movies we watch where we see ghosts rising from the grave yard to kill people and so on. There are however some things that you can actually do to achieve the same effect that the grave yard has on people when it comes to Halloween decoration ideas for the yard.

One the other Halloween decoration ideas for the yard you can use for your yard is making tree ghosts of various dimensions. Having tree ghosts in your yard can be really interesting and scary at the same time if done properly. The advantage of using these hanging tree ghosts is that they are usually simple to design and that one can achieve the eerie effect by simply using tools that can be found around the home.

All that you really need is a garbage bag, preferably white in color, and a ball of some kind. The next thing that you will have to do is to place the ball, which might as well be mad of paper or clothing, into the head of the bag and then tie it with a rope or a rubber band. You do this in such a way that the ball sort of forms the head of the ghost while the rest of the white garbage bag remains hanging.

You then draw on the head part of the garbage bag a face with a permanent marker. It is important to experiment using different colors of markers to make it even creepier. You may also make it a perfectly scary yard if you drew different facial expressions on the ghosts such that some seem smiling, others laughing while others to literally look dead! You can then put them all over the yard with the ghosts in different postures.

You may also experiment with  putting candles at various places in the yard and topping it up with some scary soft music like the soft ringing of a church bell which is sometimes associated with funerals. This is just one of the many Halloween decoration ideas for the yard that you can use.

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